Empties #2

Yay! I have gone through more products and wanted to show you my trash! Enjoy!



First I used up these little samples. I loved both but would not go out and buy them. Daisy is too light for my liking and Narcisco Rodriguez is a little too powdery but they are great for every day if you like a lighter scent!



I have a few different body washes here and the one in the green bottle is from Target and it smells so good! It is from a brand called Apotheke:M and this was the guava flavor… I will repurchase this sometime because it smells divine. However, it is a little pricey for a body wash. I also loved the Sweet body wash from Bath and Body Works and would repurchase. The Champagne and Strawberries from Victoria’s Secret.. not so much. It smells more grown up and too sultry for my liking. I know some people really enjoy this scent though. 

I use a cleanser in the shower for my face daily so this one from Clean and Clear was nice but I am using the exfoliating peach scrub one from St. Ives right now and I like it better.

Lastly, two products I was sad to use up. One the Aveda Color Conserve shampoo and second, the Alterna CC cream sample from Sephora. I have never cut open a product to get every last drop but I did with this and guys, if you are looking for a great product that smells good, detangles, moisturizes, protects from heat, and leaves hair soft, this is your product. The full size is around 22 dollars only at Sephora and yes I will get my hands on that baby soon! 



Finally, my makeup and beauty trash. I would definitely and have repurchased the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. These two items are something I use everyday. I also used up some mascaras both were good but I am trying others out right now so I won’t be repurchasing. I also used up a Fresh rose tinted balm, actually it broke and had to depot it but it is empty now. I like the fresh lemony scent it has and the rose tint is very nice.

Well, that is it for this round. Stay tuned for more!

Peace and Love


2 thoughts on “Empties #2

  1. Good job on hitting pan and sharing your thoughts on your empties! I love having perfume samples because it gives me the chance to use it for awhile and see if I truly love it to purchase it. Most times, I’ll love the fragrance in the store and then I’ll be over it the next day or so. =) Good thing I didn’t buy those!
    I’ll have to try out those body washes as they sound really pretty! My favorite scent from Bath and Body works is Beautiful Day =) I also don’t really like Champagne and Strawberries…it’s just not my fav. =)

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