Beauty Things I Suck At!

Let’s be honest, everyone has things they have a hard time doing and in the beauty world that sometimes can be double. Personally, I think it is fun to admit to the things I have trouble doing and it makes me feel better about it. Nobody is perfect so here we go!


1. Winged eyeliner: I think this could go for the majority of girls. It is not easy, and I have really small set eyes that are slightly hooded so a winged look doesn’t really suit me and when I try… well lets just say I don’t try often. …Fail….

2. Eyebrows: I am lucky to have pretty full eyebrows that I don’t really have to much, but I suck at shaping them and barely try.

3. Shaving my legs: I try to do a good job of this, but always end up missing a section somehow..

4. False lashes: Seriously, every time I try they end up too long or too high, they never look natural. The glue I use doesn’t really keep them in place either. I want to try the individual ones sometime and see if that helps!

5. Applying a dark lipstick, I have gotten better at this but somehow, I always end up getting lipstick on my teeth at some point during the day, even if I do the finger trick. 

6. Contouring: I am really pale so if I try and dedicate a lot of time to contouring, I tend to look like an umpa lumpa. ( Very orange)

7. Nail polish: I tend to get lazy and hate for them to dry, I also always end up smearing or scuffing the nail.

8. Curling my hair, I don’t know why but I always get the kink from the curling iron, that or I look like Shirley Temple. 

9. Braiding, I am horrible, I can barely do a normal braid none the less a fishtail! Honestly, I love the way they look but ahhh!!! 

10. Dying my hair: I can do a box dye, but it never turns out and usually makes my hair ashy..

So there you have it, I love beauty and all things makeup, but that don’t make me an expert however, I firmly believe:



Peace and Love!


6 thoughts on “Beauty Things I Suck At!

  1. I am pretty awful at eye liner of any kind, it always ends up looking strange on me – so I avoid it and just tightline when I need to. I’ve been working on my brows, I’ve had some terrible brow days, but it will be worth it!

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