New Products (Mary Kay)

I personally, am on the fence when it comes to Mary Kay products. I like the skin care and some makeup, however, it always come up a little short and I never am fully impressed. That being said I got a chance to try some new products out today and I wanted to let you know my thoughts.

First I tried out the new cleanser brush they have. It is similar to the Clarisonic, however, at 50 dollars for a similar product it is a great buy! I was impressed on how it made my skin feel and could see this brush being a great part of my cleansing routine. I wish it came with other brush heads though, at the present it only comes with two of the same brush head. The cleanser does have two settings though which is a nice feature. 

I also tried out some skincare and was highly impressed with the eye cream from the repair collection. It is a stiffer eye cream but I could feel it working right away  same with the lifting serum, that stuff is awesome!

Next, I got to play with makeup! I put on a primer that was nice, it is silicone based so for some people they may not prefer it. I then put on a tinted moisturizer and really enjoyed it. It left my skin very dewy not too oily and then set it with the translucent powder in the center of my face and in the T zone. I added a little bronzer which was a combination of two bronzer duos one was matte and one was shimmer,I then put eyeshadow on and used the new shimmery shadows as a top coat, note: these have major fallout so pat them on the eye with your finger. I like them for a night out look that is for sure! I lined my eyes with the two limited edition liners one was a mauve color and the other was a gold that worked perfectly on the lower waterline. 

I added the Lash Love mascara and the lipgloss from their holiday play collection for 10 dollars and was good to go! 

Here is the final look! I was impressed with some of the newer products and may even pick some up! 

Find Mary Kay and a consultant at and if you need a consultant check out this lovely lady

( I am not a consultant, nor sponsored by Mary Kay, I just am giving my opinion and my consultant is a dear friend)

Peace and Love!







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