Love Letter to Beauty



I get asked this sometimes, mainly from my dad. He always says I don’t need it and you are beautiful the way you are. I completely agree with him. I am comfortable enough to go without it if I choose. However, I love two features on my face the most, my cheekbones, and my eyes and wearing makeup emphasizes them. It lets me highlight the things I love. 

I also am an artist at heart. I love to draw and paint and whenever I have a paintbrush in hand I will paint anything around me. I have even been found to take some pink paint on a brush and add a little color to my furniture, even the cat tower has some paint on it. With this love for color, I have found a perfect niche in makeup. I love coming up with new ways to blend out an eye and make it look like art. I honestly enjoy working with the colors and trying new colors out. 

I also know that two products are not always created equal. This is why I love trying and testing new products out. I just love getting a chance to talk about them as well and is why I love this blog and this blogging community. We all get each other! 

Thanks for following and all the feedback and ideas you share! 

Peace and Love


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