My Top 10 Beauty Secrets

I love these tips and will be doing one of these shortly as well! What great ideas hun!


audrey-hepburn-quotes-beauty1So I was asking my beautiful friends and followers what posts they would like to see. You all came up with amazing suggestions and I’m slowly getting my way through them! I was asked my the lovely Mariah, you can find here blog here, to do my top 10 beauty secrets. They are more tips than secrets but let’s get into it







This is a nail related tip. If your nails are feeling weak and brittle then instead of going out and buying treatments just soak with nails in some virgin olive oil for 10 minutes every night for a week and they will back up to scratch in no time at all!


Stay away from the metal! Try and avoid buying the hair ties with the metal on them. Over time it can rip and damage your hair leading to frizz…

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