EM Contour and Highlighting Stick



YouTube beauty guru, Michelle Phan, has started her own beauty line under the help of L’Oreal. This luxury brand has many items to offer including her most acclaimed item the life palette which I did a review on and will link here. However, this stick that has two sides one to contour and one to highlight caught my attention because it is so unique. It is called the chiaroscuro stick and sells for about 22 dollars. You can only order EM cosmetics through her website right now. 

This item is creamy and very bendable, I have the shade fair and it is perfect for me. I did notice that the highlight side is very subtle. If you like a mean sheen this may not be for you however, it photographs beautifully. 

The contour side I really like, it is more brown than tan/orange so I feel it is more natural than using a bronzer to contour and the color blended out gives you a natural shading effect. It blends super easy and can be done with the warmth of your hand/finger or a brush. 

I really enjoy this line and although it is a bit pricey, the quality is superb! 

Peace and Love

Find em cosmetics here!

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