Urban Decay Naked 2

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la belle

Have you heard that Urban Decay have officially confirmed the existence of a Naked 3 palette?

The rumours started quite a while ago, but then a few days ago a very lucky person managed to get hold of one that had been accidentally put on the shelves in Sephora in France. http://www.natacha-birds.fr/leblog/naked3-urban-decay/

Doesn’t it look beautiful?!

Then there was the denial and the arguing and the claims that it was fake, but now Urban Decay have released a video proving it is real and I am very very happy. http://www.temptalia.com/urban-decay-naked3-eyeshadow-palette-coming-soon

All the hype has kind of reminded me how much I love the Naked palettes, so I decided to use Naked 2 for the second instalment of Project Use Eyeshadow. It’s taken me a long time, but I think I’ve finally chosen that this is my favourite Naked palette. That is a very scary claim, but it just has such beautiful…

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