Drugstore Finds



I was shopping the other day at Walgreens and I was on a hunt for some inexpensive finds. I wanted to try out a few products and brands I am not as familiar with. 

First was the Wet N Wild eye shadow trio that caught my eye it is called Cool as a Cucumber and I was shocked at the price. For only $2.99 you get three amazing shadows and they are very pigmented! They blend well together and I was surprised that they were not chalky at all. 

Second, I knew to make the purple eye look work all together I needed a base so i picked up the eye shadow stick from Neutrogena in the purple color (Stay Put Plum). What I did notice with this product is you need to put on about three layers to get an opaque look. It doesn’t crease though and it worked beautifully with the Wet N Wild trio. I will post a pic soon! 🙂

So there it is my quick little review on some drugstore finds and brands that I haven’t really tried. 

Let me know if there is something you have been dying to try and I will see if I can find it and try it out for you guys! 

Peace and Love


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