A Little Inspiration

I saw this picture in a magazine and it inspired me to have a little fun and play with my makeup a little.

ImageSorry the picture is sideways but basically I loved the kinda fun golden look this created. So I played around and got this:



Essentially, there is a lot of blush going on and I extended it past my normal cheek area and a little farther down to emphasize them. I also highlighted like crazy to get a nice glow. To get the lips nice and sheeny I added an eye shadow stick and a white eye shadow for highlight. I also used a mixture of Nars Isolde palette and MAC Patina, Naked Lunch, Sable,and Vex as an inner corner highlight! 

I need to invest in a nicer camera so I can really show things in detail but I still wanted to share this! 

Do you ever just play with your makeup and beauty supplies?

Peace and Love and have fun! 



2 thoughts on “A Little Inspiration

  1. Very pretty! I love playing with my makeup. Some of the best looks that turned into staples in my never ending rotation came about because I was bored and sat down and played with my makeup.


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