Fall Eye Look Using MAC Cranberry



Please ignore my eyebrows they need to be done. I wanted to create a fun fall inspired eye look using MAC Cranberry. It is a gorgeous color and when blended well it creates a beautiful look! 

What I Did!

I first used a eye primer I usually use the primer potion from Urban Decay but today I used the eye primer from L’Oreal and was very impressed It is what I used for the wedding a week ago and it performed wonderfully. 

Then I went in with a wash of Cranberry over the lid stopping at the crease. To intensify the look I used about three layers of Cranberry and used a dense flat brush to get a lot of color packed on the lid. I also made sure to blend after every layer. 

I then went in with MAC wedge around the crease to define it and soften the edges.

Then I added MAC Satin Taupe in the outer edge to deepen the look I did about two layers of this color and then blended with a clean fluffy brush. 

Then to intensify it more, I did the same thing with MAC Sketch, and blended.

I then took a purple cream eye shadow stick from Neutrogena and used that under the eye to give it a smoky smudge look. After that I took the Satin Taupe and lined the outer part of the same area. 

To give an inner corner highlight I used the L’Oreal Infalliable eyes shadow in Blinged and Brilliant and then also put this in the center of my eyelid and blended it out to open the eye up a bit more. 

Lastly I smudged the Urban Decay Perversion pencil along my lower lash line and also around the outer top lash line and smudged it out. Then added a little more Cranberry to the inner eye lid!

I am really happy with this look and hope you enjoy these kind of posts! 

Peace and Love!


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