Favorite Eye Combination

So I have very stick thin and straight lashes. They are very hard to curl and I have been on the hunt to find something to help. I had tried a bunch of different mascaras but never found anything that helped other than my Urban Decay mascara for lash growth. However, not that long ago I was watching a YouTube video from Jen, or frmheadtotoe and she said to get lashes to stay curled try a waterproof mascara. She was right! 

This is my combination at the moment and it works for me! 🙂


The combination I use currently is the Falsies Volume Express from Mabelline I use the waterproof formula and it does make my lashes hold a curl much better. I also find that it keeps a curl all day and there is no flaking or smudging on my top lashes. I do use the Clinique Bottom Lashes mascara for my bottom lashes as I tend to have smudging with any other mascara. 

This combination works perfect for me and I am glad to have this right now. I am going to try another waterproof mascara once this is used up to see if any waterproof mascara works just as well. Stay tuned! 



This is my lashes curled… Yes I know they still aren’t amazing but this is leap years better for me! 🙂

Peace and Love



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