Bobbi Brown Navy and Nude Palette


I originally picked up this palette because I thought it would be great for a wedding look. I am going to be doing my cousins wedding very soon and loved the neutral colors and also the navy blue for a liner. I love how compact this palette is and have been enjoying it however, with that said I have some thoughts..

First, the product when swatched is almost chalky and not very pigmented other than the navy color. I was a little let down when I first experienced this and thought great that was a waste… 


As you can see they don’t show up very well when swatched. The amazing thing however, is once applied to the eye they really are beautiful the peachy color especially really translates well and I was shocked. 

I would suggest this palette but not to a beginner as if you are new you may get as frustrated as I was at first. With a little patience and artistic blending these are naturally beautiful. Bobbi Brown knows how to make a natural beauty that is for sure. This was a limited edition palette for around 60 dollars so definitely do some research before buying! 🙂

Hope this was informative 🙂

Peace and Love


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