Michelle Phan: Em Cosmetics

I was less than excited when I heard YouTube beauty guru and the face behind the Ipsy bag launched a makeup line. I did take a peak though through her website and have to say I was less than impressed. However, through reviews online and sheer curiosity plus the online tutorials totally sucked me in, I bought the Career Life Palette. 


What I like about this palette is the variety. You get 24 eye shadows, eight lip glosses, and four blushes. They are all pigmented very well and have great color payoff. I have read that some tend to be more pigmented than others but from what I have tried they are nicely pigmented. I must say I think the blushes are actually too pigmented. A beginner in makeup will have some trouble with application and it may look overdone. So if you use the blushes, a little bit will do ya! 

I also must say the lip products are to die for! They are beautifully pigmented and they are non sticky which is a huge plus. They also tend to last a good amount of time and I only touch up once during the day. 

I personally really enjoy this palette. I know there are some negative reviews out there but I love it. The color selection is great and you can really mix and match if you would like or you can use the selected looks it is designed with and have a very coordinated, put together look. I also love that the eye shadows are matte and shimmer and even found one color: Conference Call that works well for my brows. 

A very simple look I enjoy doing is using Natural Talent as my lid color with Nude Rose in the crease and then adding TGIF in the inner third of the eye with String of Pearls in the inner corner. 🙂

Now to some final thoughts:

Pros: Lots of variety, colors are pigmented and lip products are great! Packaging is actually nicer in person, online it looks cheap but it is very good quality acrylic and the dual end brush is very good and I actually use it. The palette comes with a travel palette which you can add your products to and can take on the go! Price is steep at $75 dollars but you get a ton of product. 

Cons: You can’t interchange them with MAC shadows, they don’t fit. I tried 😦 The packaging is pretty but it is actually hard to open and because it is white, the palette gets dirty very easy. I love the lip products but I foresee me using them up quickly and am not sure how replacements will work… Blushes are too pigmented for beginners. Price is steep at $75 dollars. 

Please do some research before buying. It really is the best advice I can give and there are lots of reviews online as well! 

Hope this helped! 

Peace and Love ❤



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