Adventures in Depotting

ImageSo I am not going to go into detail on how to depot a MAC eye shadow. There are so many YouTube videos and blog posts on how to do it. I will feature one of my fellow bloggers below:

However I wanted to give you some tips and tricks that can hopefully help you be more successful and help you to have confidence to depot your own shadow. 

My first tip: Have a sharp tool that is not only sharp but skinny. I actually found that using a pair of sewing scissors, the really small ones worked amazing. I also found that the first time you have to pry open the case you need a good amount of force but if you kinda push it in first and then tug up it works better. 

Second tip: Before I actually heated up the pan, I took my scissors and pushed down into the pan on one edge just so I had a starting point after it was heated. I found by making the little groove I could work faster at getting the pan out once it was heated. Note: When I say making a groove what I mean is sticking my scissor tip into the side of the pan where it is flesh with the plastic, do not ruin your eye shadow by making an indent in it.. 🙂

Third tip: When setting the plastic pan on the straightener, I found you only need like 20 seconds not more than a minute… and after you take it off the heat find your indent and pull up slowly.. you will know right away if the glue has been heated enough. Don’t force it! 

Fourth tip: Keep the empty pot as you can use it for Back to MAC 🙂

Fifth tip: Enjoy your lovely and depotted shadow I found a great holder on Amazon for like Five dollars! Otherwise the ELF cosmetics line found at Target make great palettes as well! 

Peace and Love

I also love getting the PRO refill pans on the MAC website and they are cheaper than getting it in the pan! 🙂 Note: you only can get the refill pans online! 


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