Perfume Loves

ImageI wanted to show some of my favorite perfumes that I have acquired over the years. Some of these I have loved for a while and some are newer. I have more but these are my loves. Note: The perfume notes I love the most are floral with a little muskiness I tend to avoid things that are too sweet. 

Very Sexy by Victoria’s Secret: This is a body spray and I love it for the night time. It is a very “sexy” smell with a hint of amber and warmth. Like I said perfect for a night out. 

Island Nights by Crabtree and Evelyn: I actually used to hate this smell as it is very musky and spicy however, as I have gotten older I enjoy the mature scent and this is another great night out perfume. Very strong and lingers. It also tends to get sweeter as it is worn. I like to bring this in my Travalo perfume holder and use it to freshen up during the day. 

L.I.L.Y by Stella McCartney: I love this little rollerball that actually has a spray! This is a new love but after trying a sample I am hooked. It has almost like a gardenia note to it and it is a little musky however, this wears so well as it sits on the skin and sweetens up so nicely. I also love that is has a more mature scent to it without being too mature. 

Fluer by Juicy Couture: I recently bought this in a kit that included the roller ball as well. I love this scent. It is floral and sweet but just sweet enough to not over power. It has the very unique scent that comes from Juicy Couture however if you like floral scents this is for you. This is my everyday summer perfume. 

Purr by Katy Perry: I received this as a Christmas present last year and this one is also great for a night out. Scent is so linked to memory and when I wear this I am reminded of my boyfriend’s mother who actually wore this the year before I received it. I do enjoy it though but not as loved as some others in my collection. It is a little too deep in scent for me to wear everyday. 

Warm and Cozy from Pink: I love this it is straight up like cotton candy. Great for an everyday light and sweet smell. It is addicting and I love Victoria’s Secret for all their fragrances and perfumes!

G by Harajuku Girls: Gwen Stefani knows how to do packaging! I love these and have a few. This one is straight up beach in a bottle. Smells like sunscreen lotion and coconuts. Great for Summer. 🙂

The last one is my boyfriend’s favorite cologne right now. I don’t know that exact name but it is by Penguin… I love it. It a great scent without being too musky, too spicy, or too overpowering. Please check it out and smell it! You won’t be sorry! 🙂

Peace and Love


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