Packaging Failure and Review

A couple months ago I bought the Micheal Todd Eye Cream and the Infuser. I got a great deal on it through Living Social and was able to get both for about 25 dollars. I finally got to using the product and I have to say I am liking it. 

The consistency is not super thick but it still soaks into the skin easy and fast. The smell is very faint so it does not irritate the eye area. 

Results wise I haven’t noticed much. However the eye area has been nice and smooth. The eye cream I tried before this was the Origins GinZing eye cream. Sadly I am not a fan it is too thin and doesn’t soak in well at all. I will have to give it another shot because I still have so much left. 

Back to the Micheal Todd eye cream: I have to ask…has this happened to you!?

ImageThe packaging came apart! The product broke on the bottom so when you go to pump it out it falls out. I was pretty upset because this is a high endish product and they are not cheap. However I can still use it so that is good. If you have used this product or any other Micheal Todd products let me know what you think!

My final thoughts: I loved trying this product and I do like that is thin enough to soak in well and I feel like it moisturizes well. I also love that Micheal Todd products are primarily organic and free of preservatives and all those bad for you ingredients. I wish the packaging was better also. I am going to try other eye creams because I want to find something that is thicker and still soaks in well. Any tips on great eye creams is appreciated! 

Peace and Love


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