Dupe for Chanel! <3

So I love Chanel. I admit that when I see posh packaging I drool, but the product itself is amazing as well I don’t own one Chanel piece that I regret buying unlike my lipstick from YSL. However, having a love affair with Chanel is pricey and can be damaging to my wallet. I am pleased to say I found a dupe for the ever popular Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. These lipsticks are sheer but they also offer a brilliant shine that leaves you with a beautiful finish that doesn’t require the extra step of putting on a lipgloss. 

I love them. I only own one but I am trying to ration it so I don’t use it too quickly. 

Enter me in to Target checking out the cosmetics (surprise, surprise) and spotting the Revlon Lustrious Shine collection. I tried one and wow! They remind me so much of the Coco Shine and the packaging is still nice and they last just as long while having that lovely shine. The bonus being Revlon lipsticks are around 7 to 8 dollars and one Coco Shine is about 35 dollars! 

I have swatches below: keep in mind though I have different colors here one is definitely is more pink but the finishes are so similar! 


ImageLet me know what you guys think! I love finding dupes for products! 

Peace and Love 



One thought on “Dupe for Chanel! <3

  1. oh my god – i am ADDICTED to finding dupes!! it’s like a scavenger hunt!! i’m actually dedicating a whole series to dupes i think, they literally make me squeal with joy. wonderful post gal x

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