Sephora Give Me Some Lip

ImageI recently picked up the Sephora annual lip sampler kit. For 25 dollars you get to try out six different lipsticks and lipgloss. What I really enjoy about this kit is the brands are all high end and they are really nice sizes for samples. The color choices are great as well and are suitable for most skin tones. They are very neutral and there is one lip pencil that is a little darker as well. I also forgot to mention the Tarte lip crayon is full size! It pays the for the whole kit!Β 


Fresh rose balm, Laura Mercier lip gloss, Buxom lipgloss, Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss, Bite lip pencil, and Tarte lip crayon with some shimmer

I honestly am glad I picked this up. I had never tried anything from most of these brands so I was excited to be able to try out everything. I really love the Laura Mercier lipgloss it is not sticky and last a long time. It wears really well and becomes almost a balm.

I highly recommend this kit if you are new to these brands and want to give them a try!

Swatches are as follows and they again coordinate to the above picture: Peace and love!!!!



6 thoughts on “Sephora Give Me Some Lip

    • I know I was so happy with the sizes and they do lots of samplers one for eye liner and one for mascaras!
      The perfume sample is nice because then you get a roller ball of the one you love the most. I think they have one also where you can get a medium bottle of perfume too!

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