Product Empties and Mini Review

ImageGet ready for a long one! I have been keeping my empty products now for about 3-4 months and here they are! 

In no particular order of course. 

E.L.F. brow gel: This is 1$ and it works great. Why buy anything else?!

I used up two perfume samples: Especially Escada and Couture La La I enjoy them both but won’t be buying one I am saving up for L.I.L.Y by Stella Mcartney

Bath and Body Works shower gel in Paris Amour: I loved it! It lathers nicely and smells great! A wonderful scent with a balance of floral and fruit.

Nexus PhytoOrganics and Tresemme Platinum Strength: honestly shampoo is shampoo I am more picky about conditioner. 

UP and UP from Target renewal cleanser: it was supposed to be like the Olay cleanser. It is nice for an everyday cleanser with a little bit of exfoliation.

Mascaras: The one from Pop cosmetics smudged instantly. I couldn’t even use it. The Estee Lauder one had a funny scent and it dried out really quickly. 

Bombshell liner: I loved this at first but it dried out quickly just like alot of markers. 

Alterna Bamboo Style Boho Waves spray: AMAZing! It gives my hair alot of volume and it smells great! I have repurchased this!!!

Caudalie eye cream: I loved this but it is so expensive. I am using a Micheal Todd eye cream right now and I really enjoy it. The Caudalie one is thicker though which I enjoy.

Wash With Joe coffee and mint body wash: It has the craziest scent ever good though but can stain a tub because it is brown. 

Revlon eyelash curler: I got back to this one each time. it is cheap but it works! 

Loreal BB cream: It broke me out so bad. The color is too dark as well even though it says light. 

Venus Spa Breeze razors: Love Love Repurchase no need for shower gel! 

Mira Bella Primer: I loved it when I first received it from an Ipsy bag, however it has a very silicone base and I love the Urban Decay primer potion better.

Maybelline Age Rewind eraser and brow pencil: I loved both of these products but the eraser sponge started to get grimy and not hygenic, and the pencil is great but it just seems to be used up so quickly. 

Last my Revlon Colorstay foundation: It was so drying on my skin. I am in love with the Dior Skin BB cream right now! 


Thanks for getting this far, I know it seems like alot of these were duds but I love trying so many and look foward to the ones you find that are new discoveries and holy grail products. It may take some digging but I love when I find gold! 🙂

Peace and Love




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