Collagen Mask and FOTD

I got a collagen mask earlier this year from a Glossybox and I decided to finally give it a whirl today. 

ImageFrom the packaging it screams chic and luxury so I was excited to open and use it. However, I could’t find the directions and when I did find them they were so vague. So I did some research online and found out that it should stay on for about 20 min. 

Here it goes:

So I took a shower and then applied the mask. I opened the packaging and be careful as it kinda leaks from the mask. I opened the mask and placed it on my face as smoothly as possible. Try not to have extra air bubbles as it won’t work as well. I left it on for a little over 20 minutes just to be sure. 

The reveal:

I peeled it off and it was still a little moist so i crumpled up the mask and blotted it around my face to make sure all the product was now used. I then massaged with my fingers to get everything blended into the skin even more. The result was a sticky sort of tacky finish that did leave my skin smooth. I actually found it to double as a primer and finished my morning face routine and makeup for the day.


Here is my FOTD and it includes a little Satin Taupe from MAC and See Sheer lipstick as well from MAC. 

Peace and Love and good luck if you try one of these masks. I am not sure if I would ever buy one on my own though.


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