My Week of Beauty: Bronzer and Nails

This past week has been hot and not to eventful but I thought I’d share what I have been up to. 


I again tried the CND Vinlylux Weekly nailpolish. I have to say I enjoy it but it doesn’t hold up as long as a regular Shellac in my opinion. Which leads to my other event, I got my nails done yesterday they are painted as the” American” which is like a french except they layer on a white creamy topcoat that makes it look more natural. I was with my aunt and she talked me into getting them done. Thanks Kim! I really enjoy them and they hold up so much better than regular nail polish. I also got a fun little floral design on them as well! 

Lastly, I have been dying to show you all my favorite new brozner. It is from Clarins and is from the summer collection. It is still avaliable on Isn’t it just beautiful? It is also really big about the size of my whole hand! I love that it is a mix of lighter and darker shades and it blends so well. I also really like the gold shimmer in the middle which can be great for a travel highlighter! 

Hope you are all well and stay posted I have a pre order item coming the first of August! Yay exclusives!  

Peace and Love!


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