Marc Jacobs Beauty Line

I can’t wait!

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Hi everyone,

World famous designer, Marc Jacobs has teamed up with Sephora in the US to produce a 122 product beauty line (which includes 4 makeup brushes) that will be exclusive to Sephora, online as well as being sold in select Marc Jacobs stores. The collection will be available in the US and Canada on August 9th while the rest of the world will have to wait until next year for it to be rolled out and released internationally. The collection’s prices range from $24 for a lip balm to $59 which is the seven colour eye shadow palette.


marc jacobs beauty line

The beauty line comprises of 4 key categories:


– Smart Complexion – (foundations, concealers, powders & brushes)

  • Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation (16 shades)
  • Perfection Powder Featherweight Foundation (10 shades)
  • Remedy Concealer Pen (7 shades)
  • Face I Liquid Foundation Brush
  • Face II Sculpting Foundation Brush


– Blacquer – (eyeliners, lash…

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5 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Beauty Line

  1. I went into sephora yesterday and swatched everything… Omg it was so hard not to buy everything. I’m still deciding on what I want to get because that’s some serious money to spend on a palette or foundation :/ haha. Totally worth it though.

      • When I run out of my mac studio sculpt, I think my next purchase is the gel super-charged foundation. It feels amazing on the skin! But omg it’s $50…

      • Ah I’m so jealous! My sephora doesn’t sell YSL 😦 one of the downsides of living in upstate ny haha. Anyway, yes girl go swatch everything in that collection! It’s so dreamy!

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