New Mabelline Stick Foundation

So I saw this in the drugstore and had to try it. It is the new Mabelline New York Stick Fit Me Foundation. The packaging says “Shine Free” and has a core in the stick that is supposed to give you a matte finish. 

The color I got was 115 Ivory and it matches my pale skin pretty well. The best way to apply is to put it on your face and then blend with your fingers. What I find is it becomes like a powder almost instantly and doesn’t have great coverage. I tried adding more after to see if it was buildable and my results were it stayed about the same coverage. I didn’t use powder with this as it seems to be its own powder if you are heading out all day I would add a setting spray though. 

Overall I like it as a no makeup kinda product. However, if I am planning on covering anything this won’t suffice. For 6.99 though the price is right. 

ImageLet me know if you try it! 

Peace and Love!



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