New Product from Across the Pond!

ImageThey finally arrived from the UK. The Rimmel Apolcolips or in this case they are called Show Off here. I saw them at Walgreens which I believe they are exclusively at right now. I picked out two which surprisingly they were only 4.99 and right now they were buy 1 get one 50% off. The Shades I bought were Apocoliptic and Luna. Apocoliptic is a very pretty red pink with blue undertones and Luna is a peachy color. Swatches below:

ImageI really love the color payoff and they apply pretty easy but BEWARE they do not set and they do stain worse of all they smudge! 

This is a picture right after the swatches were taken and I rubbed my finger lightly through them:

ImageSo.. although I am glad I go my hands on these I really like the Loreal lipstains better and the formula is better in my opinion they are about three dollars more but they stay on all day  whereas these I would have to reapply all day and hope it’s not on my teeth! :O

Hope this helps!

Peace and Love



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