Hourglass Ambient Light

I fell for the hype of this powder and was left very melancholy. I don’t love nor hate this but for around 45 dollars I expected to be over the moon. I bought mine off Sephora though and with my 15 percent discount for being a VIB ( Very Important Beauty Insider) and free shipping it was definitely more manageable. ImageI bought the Dim Light powder. They have about five different “shades” I say shades because it is supposed to be like light, and they vary depending on what kind of lighting you want. They have some very fair translucent lights up to a rosy and bronzy light. I chose Dim Light because it was right in the center of the spectrum. 

My findings for this powder is it is very very fragile and very fine milled  So do not use a heavy brush or you will have powder every where. Also, do not drop this by any means it will shatter instantly. It also has no real smell and therefore kinda stinks. 

All that aside it is a lovely powder with beautiful packaging and If I had unlimited funds I would love to test out more to compare the differences. I know that if you use a couple like one for bronzer and one for highlighter it is said to leave a beautiful finish. 

Good Luck and if you have tried a different shade please let me know! 

Peace and Love


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