MAC Staples

ImageI recently was watching Tanya Burr do some makeup tutorials on YouTube and she always makes it look so effortless and amazing. I then find myself looking at the MAC website and figuring out what is next to get to perfect the looks she just created. I did a little damage… 

I bought Syrup, a lustre lipstick, and it is gorgeous a very natural color but will be great all year round. I also bought Patina, which is a great natural eye shadow in a brown with a subtle shine. These two products together make for a great natural and effortless look! The great thing also is you can easily do the eye shadow and just change up the lipstick for a night out look! 

Swatches of Syrup and Patina:

ImageI am still very new to MAC myself but the eye shadows are so blendable and they last all day  with a primer. The lipsticks are my all time fave and I love the color payoff along with the creamy finish and the smell! They have a very vanilla like smell! 

If you have any favorite MAC products leave them below! 🙂

Peace and Love




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