New Cleansing Water

I picked this up at Target a couple of days ago. It is not as oily as other remover/ toners and I like the scent it has. It is very refreshing and is supposed to be able to help with oily skin and also tighten the skin and diminish pores… that is where it got me! I like it so far but you have to pump it like six or seven times to get enough product on the cotton pad and it doesn’t remove the eye makeup the best. Would love to try Bioderma but haven’t caved yet. Any thoughts?? This was about 8 dollars and I know Bioderma is pricey.
Peace and Love!


New Cleansing Water

3 thoughts on “New Cleansing Water

  1. I so want to try Bioderma as well. I’m in the states and I know some people were saying that it is coming but not sure if they sell it here yet. I think this seems like a pretty decent cleanser. If I use a cleanser on a cotton pad its by bare Minerals. I have heard really good things about the No. 7 so that is a let down that it takes that many pumps to work. I might try this out to see if it works for my skin :).

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