Topshop Makeup

After hearing such rave reviews about Topshop makeup I bought a lipstick and lipliner. The lipstick is in the color Nevada it is a perfect nude color but alone it can be a little too pale I add a layer of gloss and it is perfect! The color pay off is great and the lipsticks last a long time and are not drying which is my favorite part! They are about the same price as a MAC lipstick. The liner is great I have a red liner and it works perfectly for all my red lipsticks. The color is Devotion I believe… it doesn’t bleed and again lasts a long time. I hope to try more of this brand in the future I heard they have some great bright reds and corals!

Peace and Love


Topshop Makeup

2 thoughts on “Topshop Makeup

    • I think I would still get a MAC lipstick if I had to choose. I like the smell and the creamesheens still better. However, I love getting to try other brands as well and the Topshop lipsticks are still great quality!

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