L’Oreal Lip Stains Review

ImageThe lip stains are around 7 dollars and come in a wide variety of colors. I was really excited about these because they are supposed to be a dupe for the YSL lip stains. The first color I picked up was Lilac Ever After and it is a your lips but better color very sheer. To be honest I thought I had gotten a dud at first because I didn’t notice a difference. Somehow though one day I realized it was the perfect non lipstick. It looked like I had nothing on but in a effortless way. I then picked up Infinite Fuchsia  and it is the perfect blue tone pink. I love the color and it makes my teeth look nice and white!


Swatches ( camera doesn’t do the pink justice)


Overall, I really have enjoyed these all though the color of the first one almost made me give up on these too soon. They tend to go on very watery and then they dry to a tacky but natural finish with a little bit of shine. They are a stain so they tend to last longer than a normal lipstick as well.

I suggest you check them out but be cautious some colors are very sheer!

Peace and Love


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