Lash Curlers. What’s the Difference?

Ok guys, so I have pretty fine lashes and they do not like to hold a curl whatsoever. I use just a standard lash curler from Revlon and I never really thought twice. However, I ask myself, is there really a difference between curlers? Could it really make a difference with my sad lashes? 

If you look at Sephora or Ulta you see there are a ton to choose from and the price range is wide. There are cheap dollar ones to over 20 dollars for an eyelash curler. So I have to know beauty lovers does it make a difference? Should I invest in a more high tech curler or is it all a bunch of farse?

Peace and Love


5 thoughts on “Lash Curlers. What’s the Difference?

  1. I know what you mean, I have eye lashes that are as straight as my hair is not, I have tried different styles, heated and even heating up normal ones with a hair drier (do not try this I burnt my eye lid). to having them permed (some people do this in the uk but it only lasts 6-10 weeks and you cannot do it again for 6 months). But I have found a way that they kind of last longer than they normally do, I have found that if I curl my eyelashes normally then apply a coat of mascara straight away then wait a few minutes for it to dry and reuse your curler and apply another coat of mascara. I have found this works best for me, I wish you luck.

    • I agree I think that technique works the best. I just think it is funny when you see people spending over 20 dollars on a lash curler. I feel like they can’t be that different but who knows!? Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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