10 Facts About Me

  1. I work at Target and I really enjoy my job. It also makes it easy to do Target finds and hauls!
  2. I am obsessed with makeup. I love reading reviews and watching YouTube videos. I also really love playing with it and using it as a form of art. 
  3. My favorite YouTubers have got to be a tie between Misglamorazzi and Zoella. Fleurdeforce is a close second though. I love that they are from the UK and can I just move across the Pond?
  4. Speaking of the UK I am in love (girl crush) with Kate Middleton or Duchess of Cambridge I love her style and she is always so put together although I would be too if I had unlimited funds. (love her though)
  5. I have a cat named Gus which was the inspiration for my blog name. I got him from a shelter and he is a little chubby (well loved) he can be feisty too but he is my baby! Photo BelowImage
  6. I have a lactose intolerance. I recently became intolerant and it is hard not eating cheese! I have however discovered almond milk and I really enjoy it. Plus it has twice as much calcium as milk so that is pretty neat!
  7. I am blonde I make up sayings and words sometimes. Especially when I get really excited it becomes like word vomit. Once I was with my friends and was so excited that in the moment I said “pause the phone” instead of “hold the phone” I didn’t even catch on till later. Also when I was younger I was working on a wood work sign with my last name..and SPELLED IT WRONG!
  8. I had to retype this whole thing because as I got to 8.. it all vanished and I was really sad and frustrated… I can be cranky sometimes.
  9. I would love to get Miss Dior perfume however, it doesn’t come in a rollerball and or a small size.. so I refuse to. ( I can be stubborn)
  10. I have a brother who is an Army Ranger and he is getting deployed soon for his 4th? deployment? I love him and wish him a safe time overseas! 
  11. I cracked and bought stuff at Walmart today while grocery shopping :/

Enjoy! Peace and Love


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