What’s in my Purse?

ImageMy Purse is this season from Coach it is named Julietta or something similar…  I fell in love with it because it is all leather and I wanted a grown up bag, I have had other Coach bags but this is so much nicer and really well made. It has cute little gold detailing, and bow detail plus it has a sneaky little front pocket that is perfect for your cellphone. It comes in other colors including a lime green and coral which I almost got but I am happy with black because it never goes out of style! Thanks Mom for getting me this as a then early birthday present! 

A few things inside!

ImageMy wallet is from TJ maxx and I love it! It was less than 10 dollars and I really like that it zips all the way around. The color is great for spring too! I eventually would love to get a grown up wallet to match my purse like a Mullberry one but lets be realistic shall we!? A girl can dream though!

ImageI also have this cute little Coach legacy leather card case that is perfect for my ID and major credit/debit cards. I tuck it in my wallet and if I ever need to grab and go for a night out I am all set and don’t have to lug around a whole wallet. I got it engraved with initials for free as well! ( My soon to be initials) ( Waiting for him to ask) ( Someday) 

ImageLast I have a cute little bag in my purse that hold essentials like chewing gum, chapstick at the moment it is a Burt’s Bees and my lip product at the moment which is the Loreal lipstain in color Lilac Ever After (review to come )

Hope you liked this little tidbit of my life! 

Peace and Love guys!!! 




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