Beauty Subscriptions and Thoughts

If you have read any of my blog before you know I love my Ipsy beauty subscription especially December and January. However, lately I have been unimpressed and the quality of the products have gone downhill, this is my opinion only. This month was kinda the last straw, I received a blush that is too pigmented and doesn’t blend well and also an eye shadow that is not pigmented enough. The bag only had four samples when we are used to at least five and the quality of the bag wasn’t even as good as before. 

I made the decision with poor quality, not enough quantity and repeat products to UNSUBSCRIBE to Ipsy and try a new subscription. I went with Glossybox that I have heard about from other reviewers and am excited to give it a whirl it is a little more expensive but I am hoping that will result in a higher quality, I am a girl that firmly believes you get what you pay for! 

Reviews to come! 

For those wondering if this counts for No Buy April since I cancelled Ipsy its a draw lol in my book! 


2 thoughts on “Beauty Subscriptions and Thoughts

  1. True, we normally receive 5 samples but this month 3 of the items were full size. I love Ipsy and still think the items are great. Let me know what you think about Glossybox. I am looking for a 2nd subscription but not really wanting to do Birchbox.

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