My Weekend Away

I went to the twin cities this weekend and had a wonderful time with family however, because it is No BUY April I had to look at things from afar and not open my wallet. Here are some tidbits from the trip…
I went to the Mall of America and didn’t spend a dime…. thank you thank you very much.
We walked past a MAC store which I was dying to venture into.
Also we went past a Sigma brush store and a Henri Bendel purse store not to mention a Sephora!

My cousin and I also took a look at IKEA and found these super cute lamps (pictured above in middle) for only 7.99 those were hard to resist!
Overall it was a great trip and although I wish I could have bought some goodies I spent enough that weekend on a bridesmaid dress and gas.
Bottom picture was from the Macy flower show which was very cool and free!
Peace and Love
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What is on your list right now of things you wish you could buy or stores you could shop?


My Weekend Away

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