My Birthday Week!


My free gift!

So my birthday was during this past week and instead of having just one day I gave myself the week! Why not? 🙂 It has been so amazing and I love getting to enjoy time with family and loved ones. Now for the fun part!

I received a free birthday gift from Sephora and got a Benefit WattsUp and a mascara called  They’re Real. I was really excited to get the mascara as I had heard really great things about it but I loved the WattsUp even more!

Essentially it is a highlighter in a cute stick form and honestly it is perfect. I dab a little on my cheekbones and my cupid’s bow which is the little dip on top of your lip. Love it! I will definitely be getting the full size when my deluxe sample runs low. If you ever shop with Sephora and have not become a Beauty Insider (and free) I highly recommend it. You get a birthday gift and you can get lots of free with purchase deals! Warning it’s addictive!

Have fun be girly

Peace and Love


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