Favorite Eyeliner and Gloss at the Moment

It can be really hard to find a great eyeliner especially if you have oily skin. I’ve tried some that apply great but then don’t have amazing lasting power. For me the eyeliner has to be almost waterproof cuz my eyes tend to water quite easily. 

Urban Decay makes the best liner in my book it is a pencil but it sharpens easily and keeps its shape. They come in many colors including black and brown and have a slight shimmer that brightens but doesn’t overpower. And they last all day! 

Best bang for your buck is to be on the look out for their double ended pencils that tend to be limited edition. 


Last but not least I picked up the Dior Addict lipgloss in Sari Pink about a month ago and I love iI! It is a lovely pink color and will be perfect for summer days! It isn’t sticky and for the price the packaging and the size is worth it. Check it out on http://www.sephora.com.   Peace and Love!

My lovely niece!



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