My Favorite

I love candles, I love the way the turn a space into a home and they just scream welcome. I have two all time favorite candles one being the three wick candles from Bath and Body. There is something about the scent and the three wick that just is romantic in feeling, Even Ty, my boyfriend loves them.


My all time favorite candles are the Woodwick candles! They are very fragrant and they last a long time they are pricey but are well worth the extra money because they last so much longer than let’s say a candle from a drugstore. I usually get the medium size but my amazing mother bought me a “ginganto” candle today! 🙂 thanks!


And yes Campfire Marshmallow smells like a cabin! It is so warming and not too strong for daily use! 🙂

See the difference in size!?

Peace and Love


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