French Pharmacy Goodies! (They are worth the hype)

I have been so curious to try the cult classic skincare from the French pharmacies. I decided to make the plunge and ordered some things to try off It is a great website to try some of these goodies that you can’t find in the United States.

Here is what I picked out


First I couldn’t forget about Bioderma! This is the mini size and I love it! I tend to use it only if I need to refresh my face before I put makeup on. It also is great at removing makeup and specially eye makeup as it does not tend to irritate the skin.

Second I got a retinol eye cream from La Rosche Posay. I had been looking for a good eye cream and really like this one. It has a gel like consistency and will last a long time.

Lastly, from my little haul I got the Embroylisse creme. This is perfect as a everyday moisturizer and it has no real smell so it is perfect for sensitive skin. I have to agree with the claim that is perfect for under makeup as it absorbs evenly and does not interfere with makeup.

The other two products shown are from The Body Shop and they are great for this time of the year. The serum is in oil and is very moisturizing and the spray is a lovely toner or just final step to your skincare!

I hope you found this helpful if you are thinking of trying some of these products. Keep it mind they are pricey and they may not work the same as they do on me.:)

Peace and Love


Spring Summer 2105 Fashion Inspired Look

I have been loving catching up on all the lovely makeup looks from the SS15 Fashion Weeks. I specially love how minimal it is and really enjoy the modern take on makeup. I saw one look that had no mascara with very minimal eye makeup and a bold lip and also another look with bright pastel eyes and minimal makeup otherwise. I decided to take these two looks and try to create my own look. I also wanted this look to be wearable or at least semi-wearable. I hope you enjoy it!

First, let me show you the products I used.


I started with my Dior BB cream that I tend to bring out in the autumn/winter time. It is a staple for me and I love it. I do find in the spring/summer it is too moisturizing and does not sit as nicely on the skin.

I also used a bit of my Nars concealer in Chantilly to brighten under my eyes. I then used only a little Estee Lauder blush called Tease on my eyes and worked it into the crease. I then brightened under my eyes with Nars eye pencil in Barrow Street.

I used a very tiny amount of mascara and did not curl my lashes.

I then added the Hourglass Ambient light blush in Diffused Heat to my cheeks and finished the look with a lip pencil from Charlotte Tilburry in Pillowtalk and just a little Dior gloss over.


I really like how this turned out and am going to wear it out of the house today!

Have you been experimenting with your makeup lately?

Peace and Love!

Charlotte Tilburry and her Genius Pencil

The lip pencil is something I am starting to really enjoy. I love how it can instantly help make your lips more defined and it helps lipstick stay on longer. I have been getting a few things from the Charlotte Tilburry line that just came to the United States through Nordstrom. I love the lip pencil called Lip Cheat in the color Pillow Talk. This pink is the perfect pink and it matches my lip color perfectly. I can wear it on its own or I can pair it with a nude lipstick to instantly complete my lip look. I love how the lip pencil is not too dry and not too creamy. It sits well on the lips and I prefer it to my Dior lip pencil in Grege.

I paired the lip pencil with my Revlon lip butter in Creamsicle to get this look!


Have you tried anything from Charlotte Tilburry? Anything you are dying to try!?

Peace and Love!

My Benefit Cosmetic Giveaway!

What a fun giveaway!

Clare's Beauty


Firstly I just want to thank each and every one of my followers. Especially the people that I now consider friends within this amazing little community we have here! It’s nice to feel apart of something and feel appreciated for what you do. I didn’t realise when I started this blog in May that I would have the reaction I’ve had. It started out as something to do while I was going through a rough time, now it’s something I look forward to doing.

Some of you may know that a couple of weeks ago, I said that when I reached 200 followers that i would do a giveaway. I’ve been racking my brain to try and think of a product that everyone would like… But then I thought, why not let them choose? As benefits is a big brand that everyone loves with amazing quality items, I thought i…

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A Happy Post

Hey so lately I have been a bit stressed. I could delve into everything that has been stressing me out but instead I am going to do what my lovely blogger friend Christina would do and turn it into a positive. By the way her blog is called lifebeinggirly I would love for you to check it out if you want a dash of smile and a pinch of girly! She always makes me smile and she shares the same love for cats and Hello Kitty! 

So my positives for the day are the song Trumpets by Jason Derulo. Honestly, the trumpet part in this song makes me so happy and I love listening to it. The message is cute too. Who wouldn’t want your love to think there were angels singing in the background when you walk in the room. 🙂 I am currently playing it and I love it every time the trumpet part comes on I gotta dance. What is your mood booster song? I also have been listening to the mood booster channel on Spotify. Which could be another positive. 

Lastly, my engagement pictures were done while I was on vacation and I wanted to share one picture with you guys! 

He really makes me smile and I am glad he is my fiance! 

I hope you are having a great weekend and hope your week is filled with peace and love! (See what I did there?!)


The Vacation Makeup Lineup with a Twist!

Hello everyone!

Summer is almost over. (Gasp!) I finally got to go on a little family vacation to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. If you live in the Midwest I recommend you go up sometime in your life. It is so beautiful and the drive is peaceful with lake views around every turn. We went up to Mackinac Island and took a ferry over we also went underneath the Mackinac Bridge and as you can see it is pretty spectacular. 



Enough gushing aside, I knew for this trip I wanted to bring minimal makeup, however, my fiance and I took our engagement pictures on vacation so I had to bring enough to make me look alive. Here is the lineup I brought with me with one extra item for a fun twist. 


the lineup linup

I brought my trust L’Oreal Lumi foundation in two shades to mix for my perfect shade. I also brought my Nars radiant concealer in Chantilly. The Clarins bronzer came along for the ride and worked as my bronzer and blush. I also had along my trusty Hourglass brow pencil, L’Oreal waterproof butterfly mascara, MAC Painterly paint pot, and MAC Accentuate powder. The added twist was the Soap and Glory lip crayon in Fushiristic and my Hard Candy eye glitter liner. 

The glitter liner just adds an opening effect to the eye and although I was not wearing this in my engagement photos I like the effect it gives. 

Here is the finished look!

the linupface

I hope this was inspiring and guys any tips on how to keep wedding costs down would be appreciative. I found a lovely venue that I have fallen in love with but it is not cheap. I will have to scrimp and save to cover everything else. 

Thanks and Peace and Love!

Some Things that are Blue

Today I played with MAC pigments. I had seen the beautysanctuary playing around with the pigment Blue Brown and knew I needed it. It is a gorgeous duo pigment that looks brown in some light and blue in others. I had never tried a MAC pigment before and after some trial and error I have some thoughts! 

First, here is the finished look! 


Gorgeous isn’t it?! I personally love that way it looks. However, this pigment can be super duper messy. I found that it is best to do your eyes first instead of your foundation and face makeup. I did not follow this and had a ton of fall out and had to reapply more concealer which just can start looking cakey. 

Also make sure to wet your brush with some setting spray or MAC fix+. This will help the pigment to apply easier and using a paintpot or some sort of eye shadow base will help it stay. 

Blend blend blend!!! This is so important. Make sure to blend with a neutral eye shadow color like the MAC eye shadow wedge in the crease. This will help it look less stark and more natural and beautiful. Also when you blend it helps the pigment change and softens where you blend into a beautiful brown orange color. 

I hope this was helpful!! Also if you want to try a pigment but don’t want the large price tag. MAC website has pigments to go which are 10 US dollars! Enjoy!

(This is not sponsored :)) 

Here is something else Blue!!

My engagement ring! He proposed last Wednesday! It is a Caribbean Blue diamond with two diamonds and a design he created!!! I love it!!


Peace and Love